Energy Depot

Energy Depot is a web-based set of online energy tools for use by American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) member communities and their residential customers.

Through Energy Depot, residential customers can calculate their overall energy usage, estimate costs and energy savings derived from various changes in equipment or energy efficiency/conservation improvements, and have access to a wide range of home energy information topics and frequently asked questions and answers on home energy use.

AMP continued to expand the Energy Depot home energy audit program, offered through the American Public Power Association’s Hometown Connections program. Current enrollment in the program now includes 77 member communities, up from 32 in 2007. Each community’s distinct information on electricity and other fuel prices, weather, and other pertinent factors is used to create a community-specific program so that homeowners can receive an energy audit report well-tailored to their locality by answering some simple questions.

There will be opportunities throughout the year to join the program. For more information on Energy Depot, please contact David Deal, director of sustainability and energy policy, at 614.540.1111 or