Hydro Project Willow Island

The Willow Island hydroelectric facility, currently under development, will add 44 MW of new, renewable generation to the region. The plant is located near St. Marys, West Virginia.

The Willow Island project will divert water from the existing Corps Willow Island Locks and Dam through bulb turbines to generate an average annual output of approximately 239 million kilowatt-hours (kWh). The site will include an intake approach channel, a reinforced concrete powerhouse and a tailrace channel. The powerhouse will house two horizontal FERC rated 17.5-MW bulb-type turbine and generating units with an estimated total FERC rated capacity of 44 MW at a gross head of 20 feet. A 1.6-mile-long 138 kV transmission line interconnection is planned to connect to PJM.

The Willow Island Locks and Dam are located in Pleasant County, West Virginia, approximately 162 river miles downstream of Point Bridge, Pittsburgh. The Willow Island project is under construction on the West Virginia side of the Ohio River, on the opposite shore of the locks.

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The Willow Island hydroelectric plant is being developed on behalf of 79 AMP member communities in Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky and Michigan participating in the project.

Willow Island Numbers

400 Construction Jobs 7-9 Permanent Jobs 2011 Formal Groundbreaking

Estimated Peak


July 21, 2011 with keynote speaker West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin

400 Construction Jobs

Estimated Peak

7-9 Permanent Jobs


2011 Formal Groundbreaking

July 21, 2011 with keynote speaker West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin


The project employed as many as 327 workers in July 2013, and will employee up to 400 construction workers at the peak of construction. Once online, it will provide up to nine permanent operating positions. Excavation and cofferdam construction started June 2011 with contractor Ruhlin Construction, Sharon Center, Ohio. Voith Hydro, based in York, Pennsylvania, is the manufacturer of the turbines and generators. Powerhouse construction began December 2012 with Ruhlin Construction as contractor.

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Willow Island Hydro Project Groundbreaking