Hydro Project Meldahl

The Meldahl Hydroelectric facility, currently under construction, will become the largest hydroelectric power plant on the Ohio River with an estimated capacity of 105 MW.

Meldahl is a run-of-the-river project on the Captain Anthony Meldahl Locks and Dam located near Maysville, Kentucky, approximately an hour southeast of Cincinnati. The project will divert water from the existing U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Dam through bulb turbines to generate an average gross annual output of approximately 558 million kilowatt-hours (kWh). The site will include an intake approach channel, a reinforced concrete powerhouse, and a tailrace channel. The powerhouse will house three horizontal 35-MW bulb-type turbine and generating units with a FERC licensed estimated total rated capacity of 105 MW.

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AMP owns the Meldahl project, through a separate wholly owned limited liability company. AMP is developing the project with the member community of Hamilton, Ohio, which originally procured the development license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Hamilton retains the rights for a 51 percent share of the energy output from the facility, with AMP taking the remaining output for the 48 other AMP members participating in the project.

Meldahl Numbers

400 Construction Jobs 9-10 Permanent Jobs 2010 Formal groundbreaking

Estimated Peak


June 29, 2010 with keynote speaker Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear

400 Construction Jobs

Estimated Peak

9-10 Permanent Jobs


2010 Formal groundbreaking

June 29, 2010 with keynote speaker Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear


The Meldahl project employs more than 300 construction workers as of July 19, 2013. That number is expected to peak at over 400. Upon completion, the plant will provide up to 10 permanent positions. Excavation and cofferdam construction began in 2010 by Angelo Iafrate Construction Company of Warren, Michigan. Powerhouse construction began in August 2011 with Alberici Constructors – Baker Concrete joint venture as contractor. A formal groundbreaking was held June 29, 2010, featuring Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, representatives of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, as well as state and local officials. Alberici/Baker has completed the majority of the concrete work and will move to the interior of the plant, completing equipment erection as well as mechanical and electrical systems.


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