Executive Management Team

Pam Sullivan
Executive Vice President of Power Supply & Generation

Pam Sullivan has been with AMP since 2003 starting as director of marketing and development. She also served as vice president of marketing, senior vice president of marketing and operations and in January 2016 was named executive vice president of power supply and generation. Before joining the organization she was vice president of marketing for SFT, a consulting engineering firm, where she was responsible for developing and implementing marketing plans and strategies, as well as providing project management services for municipal electric utility transmission/distribution projects. She also served as city electrical engineer for the AMP member community of Napoleon, Ohio. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Toledo.

Sullivan has been instrumental in the development of the various generation projects currently underway at AMP. She has served as the principal liaison to communities participating in the various projects.

As executive vice president of power supply and generation, Sullivan provides oversight to AMP’s power supply services, including the company’s energy trading floor, commodity procurement; power supply planning and transmission affairs, renewable generation development, as well as marketing AMP’s various power supply projects and programs to its 133 member communities.